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Jenn graduated, with honors, from American InterContinental University with a BFA in Digital Design, as well as an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

Over the past ten years, Jenn has worked as a freelance Graphic Designer, as well as a Creative Director for a regional marketing company, a Promotions Manager/Graphic Artist for a local NBC Affiliate and most recently, as a Graphic Artist for a regional phonebook provider.

Jenn has designed for everything from theatrical productions to broadcast news, television commercials, non-profit organizations, car dealerships, restaurants and more! She has produced an award-winning design for a national Toys For Tots contest, as well as designed the 2011 CHL Rush Hockey All-Star season logo.


• When she's not designing, Jenn is also a voice and stage actress.

• Jenn loves animals...especially her cats, Tabytha, Gryffindor and Maury Purrvich.

• In fact, she loves animals so much that she won't eat meat, wear leather or     consciously buy any product that is not cruelty-free.


• Is completely addicted to TV and movies, owning roughly 1600.

• Is an avid believer that everything happens for a reason and every day is         meant to be lived to its fullest potential!


• Thanks to her amazing friend, Elaine, Jenn has met...and been hugged   of her personal heroes, Betty White. Jealous, yet?

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